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My life really is quite amazing and I hope you enjoy reading about it.

My memoirs will naturally be a work in progress; as life goes on, there will always be another chapter. So revisit me often and get in touch at With your permission, I'll publish your comments and criticisms.

All the best,
Uncle Ted

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Tan and me





(Dad's father).

Aunt Ruth's Louis Vuitton trunk, 1896, under the TV.


"A Site to Behold!"

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Nearly a year ago, I posted on Facebook* that I was starting this book project of my memoirs. The reactions made me smile; one, from a cousin, made me laugh:

"Yay! You are one of the most fascinating, smart, sexy, imaginative, funny, clever, handsome men of our time. It shall be quite a read!" Leslie Dame

Now how do I live up to that?!

You're probably wondering, Edward Who?! So before you begin, maybe you want to check me out at "Who is Edward Carter?" On your mobile phone, just click on the Menu Block at the upper right corner, and follow the plain text list.

This is the story of most of my amazing life. Starting in 1940 in Westchester County, north of New York City, my romantic adventures have bred lasting friendships and dynamic companies around the world.

Besides setting up companies, creating jobs, and motivating ordinary people to do extraordinary things, perhaps I'm best known for handsome partners, stylish parties, and stunning homes, culminating in "The White Elephant" in the wilds of Thailand today.

The Introduction and Chapters One through Eighteen are complete, just click on "Book Contents" in the menu bar to select and read them. The rest of my memoirs are "under construction" - working on Chapter Nineteen right now.

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Below is my study in our home that we call "The White Elephant." I'm at the desk writing to you right now.

The White Elephant, my home, is the Blue Dot where

Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos meet. 

It is a one-hour flight east from Bangkok.

On the left, the only only

"Straight Moonrise"

in the world,

by Ansel Adams


by E.G.L. Carter

"Smiling Boy"

by E.G.L. Carter

It is January 20, 2018 (where I live in Thailand).

Chapters One through Eighteen of the book are here online 

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New chapters are published regularly.

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