The Amazing Life and Times of

Edward Carter – Unique Entrepreneur

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In Memoriam:

Edward G. L. Carter 1940-2020

Contents of the book - The Amazing Life...


(Equivalent to 24 Pages in hard-copy)

Who is Edward Carter?

(Equivalent to 10 Pages in hard-copy)

Chapter One - 1940-1958 - The Early Years

(Equivalent to 35 Pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Two - 1958- 1962

The U. S. Army, The Okinawa Grand Prix, and 

Investors Overseas Services (I.O.S.)

(Equivalent to 31 Pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Three - 1962-1963

Breaking… Records, Thumbs, and Cars.

The Tenth Macau Grand Prix, and back to I.O.S.

(Equivalent to 76 Pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Four - 1964

With I.O.S. in Geneva; Tripoli, Libya; and Cairo. 

A Christopher Isherwood detour in Berlin, and Sexploits in London and Rome.

(Equivalent to 41 Pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Five - 1965

Establishment of International Life Insurance Co. (Malta) Ltd.

(Equivalent to 31 Pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Six - 1966-1967

ILI (U.K.) in Northern Ireland

(Equivalent to 60 Pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Seven - 1967-1971

London - People, Parties, and the End of IOS

(Equivalent to 122 Pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Eight - 1971-1973

JG, Mito, HOWO, HIWE, and Silly San Francisco.
(Equivalent to 103 Pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Nine - 1974-1975

Manhattan, Providenciales, Coconut Grove, and Manhattan

(Equivalent to 82 Pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Ten – 1975

Adventures in the Alps

(Equivalent to 41 Pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Eleven – 1976

Carter & Company

(Equivalent to 27 Pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Twelve – 1977

Carter Containers - Boxing Champion of the World

(Equivalent to 49 Pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Thirteen – 1978

Carter Containers - Directors Revolt; Revolting Directors

(Equivalent to 32 Pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Fourteen – 1979

Getting the Point
(Equivalent to 14 Pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Fifteen - 1903-1978

The Adirondack-Florida School, The House in the Woods, and WaAwA
(Equivalent to 112 pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Sixteen - 1979-1986
Creating, Establishing, Managing, and Selling The Point
(Equivalent to 336 pages in hard-copy)

Appendix to Chapter Sixteen

The Point in 2017, Press Coverage During and after Carter/Myhre,
Research, and Miscellaneous
(Equivalent to 35 pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Seventeen - 1986
Re-establishing Home in London – The Docklands

(Equivalent to 51 pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Eighteen - 1987-1988

Letters from Abroad©, Visits to Morocco and Portugal,
A New Home, and Taking Off with British Airways
(Equivalent to 102 pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Nineteen - 1988-1989

Creating and Launching the British Airways First Class Hotel Selection

(Equivalent to 102 pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Twenty - 1989

Moving Home from the West End to the West Coast
The Edward Carter Awards of Distinction

(Equivalent to 163 pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Twenty-one - 1990

Los Angeles

Domestic Discoveries, Pacific Overtures, My Scotland, and
The End of Edward Carter’s TRAVELS©

(Equivalent to 114 pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Twenty-two - 1991

Los Angeles, California Wine Country, Alaska, and
Our “Last” Fling Across Europe

(Equivalent to 69 pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Twenty-three - 1992, 93, and 94

Los Angeles & Palm Springs

Edward Carter's TRAVELS© morphs into the RŌM™ TravelVision Network
that morphs into
TRAVELVISION™ - Interactive TravelVision Network

(Equivalent to 76 pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Twenty-four - 1994 - 1996

San Francisco

Interactive TravelVision Network moves to the Internet

(Equivalent to 78 pages in hard-copy)

Chapter Twenty-five - 1994 - 1996

New York City –

(Equivalent to 76 pages in hard-copy)

Special Appendix

Edward Carter's Travel Newsletters

The Index of, and the Links to All the Issues of

Edward Carter’s Letters from Abroad©

Edward Carter's TRAVELS©

The British Airways First Class Hotel Selection

(The hand-drawn, pencil illustrations throughout this book and blogs were done by Sue Hunter)

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