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Driving Directions to Phu View Hideaway from

Ubon Ratchathani airport

The full address:
288 Moo 4 (the street)
Ban Thung Yao (the village)
La Lai (the district)
Kantharalak (the county)
Si Sa Ket (the province), Thailand 33110

Mobile (English and Thai language): Tan Sitthiphan (Co-host): 087-050-6661


The exact location of Phu View Hideaway is:

Latitude: 14.5076827 or 14 degrees, 30 min., 27.66 sec. North.

Longitude: 104.5782388 or 104 degrees, 34 min., 41.66 sec. East.

Starting at Ubon Ratchathani airport, take route 2178 out of Ubon Ratchathani, after 42 km turn left onto Route 2085 and follow into the city of Kantharalak.

As you enter Kantharalak, turn right on the main street and go until you see the tall, white, Chedi (Thai religious monument), several blocks down on the left.

Turn left before the Chedi and, when you can, turn left onto another main road which is Route 221, heading south in the direction of Preah Vihear. Check your odometer, now.

At just under 5 km from Kantharalak, off a long, straight section, turn right onto Route 2126 toward Khun Han and Ban Thung Yao (no sign). (It is approximately 16 km from this turn to Ban Thung Yao.)

Go through Mueang and Rung, and past a large reservoir on both sides of the road.

At 10 km after joining 2126, you will pass a school on your left, and come up to a stop sign at the T.

Turn right onto Route 2335 (no sign) and continue about 6 km.

After passing through a very small village, you will pass a school with a large schoolyard on the left (Ban Thung Yao Kham Proi School), slow down to walking pace. You are in Ban Thung Yao.

The second building on the left is Phu View Hideaway. (A two-story building, then a dark-roofed one-story building with trees in front; next to a small, white building with a fancy, Lanna roof.)

Park in front of Phu View Hideaway and ring the doorbell. You will find Khun Tan inside - 087-050-6661.


Wat Thung Yao - DO NOT DRIVE IN.

Directly across the road, on the right, is the entrance to Wat Thung Yao.

Look for the sign...