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Edward Carter’s Letters from Abroad©
The Connoisseur’s Monthly Chronicle of Underrated Treasures and Overrated Pleasures

Edward Carter's TRAVELS©

The connoisseur's private letters from abroad of

the world's underrated treasures and overrated pleasures


The British Airways First Class Hotel Selection

These journals describe my personal experiences at the 

781 establishments in which I slept, ate, and

"bought the T-shirt,"

as an incognito, full-paying customer.

(These Index pages are equivalent to 10 pages in hard-copy)

Here follow all the issues of

Edward Carter’s 

Letters from Abroad

Edward Carter's Letters from Abroad© was published in two volumes as 12-page,

hard-copy newsletters from October 1987 through May 1989,

and 24-page issues from June 1989 through August 1989.

Index of Volume 1 – October 1987 – December 1988
(The Links to the issues are below the Index)

Index of Volume 2 – January 1989 – August 1989

(The Links to the issues are below the Index)

Volume 1 – October 1987 – December 1988

Volume 2 – January 1989 – August 1989

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Edward Carter’s TRAVELS
The connoisseur's private letters from abroad of
the world's underrated treasures and overrated pleasures

Edward Carter’s TRAVELS© was published as a 24-page, hard-copy newsletter from

September 1989 through March 1991

September 1989
In and around Newport • Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket
Restaurants to Relish • An Inn in the Muskokas
A Manhattan Montage • Châteaux on the Loire.

(Note: This particular issue belonged to Miss Audre who cannibalized it a bit.)

October 1989
The Republic of Ireland, Part One;
India’s Kulu Valley

November 1989
The Republic of Ireland, Part Two
The Cotswolds – Updated • The Box Tree • Koh Phi Phi

December 1989
The 1989 Annual Awards

January 1990
The QE2 • The Four Seasons, Washington, D.C.
Houston’s Lancaster Hotel • New York on £1000 a Day

February 1990
The Terrific Pacific - Part One:
Huahine, Bora Bora, and Bedarra
Count de Grunne in the Aubrac, France • Hardy in Hardy Country – England’s Dorset

March 1990
The Terrific Pacific – Part Two
Hawaii’s Kona Village, Mauna Lani, and Gene Dickey at Hana-Maui
Carol Wright in Glasgow – “Europe’s Culture City, 1990”
Anne Birnhak’s Battle of Boulogne

April 1990
Through the Heartland of America – Part One:
Inns and Outs in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana,
Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado
The Camargue – Updated • A Friend’s Favorite in the south of France

May 1990
Continuing Across America – Part Two:
Delights and Disappointments in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona
Points of Portland • Ventana and Boyer - Updated
A Friend’s Favorites outside London

June 1990
A Festival in Cannes
London’s Claridge’s, Annabel’s, and The Pelham
Cruising the Eastern Mediterranean
Dubai and the Inn at Union Pier, Michigan – Updated
A Friend’s Favorite in Florida

July 1990
Summer Sun Spots – Mexico, California, And Florida
Summer Skiing in New Zealand • Ah, to be in England, at Chewton Glen
Zurich and Funen, Denmark – Updated
A Friend’s Favorites in Vienna and Budapest • Quirky Arkansas

August 1990
Pacific Overtures – The First Movement:
California’s Lake Tahoe and The Trinity Alps, Oregon’s Camp Sherman, and Mt. Hood
The Royal Scotsman • Michelin’s Tri-Color Tri-Stars
A Friend’s Favorite in North Carolina
Lamelois in France and Timberhill in California - Updated

September 1990
Pacific Overtures – The Second Movement:
Oregon’s Coast & The Rogue River, and California’s Ferndale
A Relay of Relais in Quebec • A Portuguese Paradise
Grecian Formula Revealed
Martha’s Vineyard and the Carmel Valley - Updated

October 1990
Pacific Overtures – The Third Movement:
Through Washington and the Best of the Rest of Oregon
London’s Conrad Hotel • An Essay on Ecuador • A Friend’s Castle in Ireland
Normandy, Carmona, and Shanagarry - Updated

November 1990
The Pacific Crescendo – British Columbia
England’s Farlam Hall • Holly at Koela
Friends cruise… Japanese style!
County Laois, Evora, and Paris - Updated

December 1990
The 1990 Annual Awards

The Twenty Best out of the 433 People, Places, and Pleasures

that got the “Eye” or Nay in 1990 (and a few of the worst… )

January 1991
Special Small North American Ski Spots
A New Country House Hotel “Down Under”
Summering in Sydney • On Safari with Carol Wright • Fun in Fiji
London, Bath, and Venezuela - Updated

February 1991
Scotland, Part One – Argyll
A Mandarin for Mandarins • Mallorca
Huahine, D.C., and Dusseldorf - Updated

March 1991
Scotland, Part Two – Inverness-shire and Sutherland
Provence • Some of the Best of Holland
Friends go to Amandari • A Letter from Count de Grunne
Hawaii, South Africa, and Portugal - Updated

End of Index of Edward Carter's Travel Journals