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Somtum Inter – Garden Cottage & Restaurant
” It’s Nice ‘n Easy.”

Sawasdee khrap! Greetings from Somtum Inter where life is nice and easy.

“My name is Tan, and I look forward to welcoming you, cooking for you, and making your visit very special.

Somtum Inter – Garden Cottage and Restaurant is the new landmark in the village of Ban Thung Yao, Si Sa Ket Province, Isaan.

“It consists of a popular restaurant…

and a separate, air-conditioned, queen-bedded cottage for two…

with sitting area, desk, TV, WiFi, and ensuite bathroom with shower…

“For traveling executives, the desk provides plenty of room for a laptop. You can see the entrance to Wat Ban Yao across the street.

“The artwork is valuable, twentieth-century, fine-art photography.

“Towels, linens, and basic toiletries are provided free of charge.

“The view out the front door and across the patio to the restaurant.

“The cottage and restaurant share a cool patio and lush garden for outdoor relaxing and dining under the trees.

“The restaurant is informal in keeping with the spirit of rural Isaan…

“The meals are “Nice n’ Easy” Thai specialties ranging from tangy Samet-style to fiery Isaan varieties, including fresh fish and vegetables from today’s village market.

“We also offer some international choices, espresso coffee, and exotic drinks...

“We have an off-street, lockable parking lot.

“Also, you have the free use of our beautiful swimming pool, nearby.

“As the only overnight guests, you will enjoy complete privacy, peace, and quiet until the village wakes up in the morning and the farmers “tuk-tuk” along our street to their paddies and plantations.

“The village is charming with long vistas of green fields, dark forests, and distant mountains.

While the patio, garden, and pool await, there is much to do in the neighborhood, and I’d love to help arrange visits to our village market, the local lake, waterfall, and nearby historic sites. It is amazingly cheap to hire a car with driver/guide and you will have a fascinating time getting to know our province. We also have an internationally-experienced masseuse.

“The Cottage is THB 850 (approximately $27.00) per night, including taxes. Towels, linens, and basic toiletries are provided. The Restaurant is equally reasonable; for example, a full American breakfast is only THB 150 (approximately $4.80) per person.”


Telephone Khun Tan in Thailand - +66-87-050-6661


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Somtum Inter - Garden Cottage and Restaurant is in Sisaket Province in Northeast Thailand, a territory commonly referred to as Isaan - an undiscovered region of verdant rice paddies, shiny rubber plantations, splashing waterfalls, and ancient ruins. The nearest airport is Ubon Ratchathani, an hour’s flight from Bangkok.

“If you are arriving by plane and haven’t arranged for a car, call either of the following two taxis at Ubon Ratchathani Airport:
Taxi No. 175 (preferred) – 086-244-0002 or 061-948-5754 or
Taxi No. 248 – Khun Pairoat, 096-034-7753.
Either driver knows how to get to Somtum Inter. Tell them you want to go to Ban Thung Yao, near Kantharalak. The taxi can call Khun Tan at 087-050-6661. If Tan is not available by phone, Messenger him: Akharaphat Sitthiphan

“There is also a comfortable, executive bus whose 6-hour trip from Bangkok directly to the city of Kantharalak will give you a fascinating look at the country.

“Our village of Ban Thung Yao is an 80-minute drive southwest from the Ubon Ratchathani Airport and 25 minutes southwest of Kantharalak on Route 2335. Ban Thung Yao is a small, relatively primitive village of rice and rubber farmers. Many of the lanes are edged with flowers and tall palm trees. The “traffic” consists of motorbikes and cattle. There is an interesting temple, Wat Thung Yao, immediately across the street from Somtum Inter.

“After breakfast, you’re free to sun and swim, walk the village, or visit the temple. In just a few hours you will appreciate the subtleties of Thai culture. Then you can have lunch at Somtum Inter and, afterward, you have many options…

“Long-tail boating on the nearby lake; bargaining at the village market; and luxuriating with a traditional Thai or oil massage in the privacy of our massage room by a licensed masseuse. 

Besides being a good cook, Tan is a good teacher and enjoys sharing his recipes.

“Then it’s time for dinner… and another blissful day winds down under the stars.

“Tomorrow, you might go to Khao Phra Wihan National Park. It is a protected natural area that contains numerous ruins of the 11th-century, Khmer Empire. Only a few minutes drive from Somtum Inter, the park sits in part of the Dangrek mountains, close to the border between Thailand and Cambodia.

“The park is the Thai gateway to Khao Phra Wihan ('Preah Vihear' in Khmer), a large Khmer temple ruin perched dramatically on a cliff 500m above the plains below. Just over the border in Cambodian territory, it is currently not accessible from the Thai side due to a border dispute. However, scenic overlooks and some interesting Khmer ruins are open to visitors for a small entrance fee:
     • Pha Mo I Daeng, a cliff at Thai-Cambodia Border.
     • Mo I Daeng rock art: Bas-relief sculptures, with a view of Cambodia.
     • Don Tuan Khmer Ruins: Built during the 10th-11th Century and located 300              meters from the border.
     • Namtok and Tham Khun Sri, a three-tiered waterfall, above a giant cave.
     • Twin Stupas: Built during the 11th Century, the Twin Stupas are two red                  sandstone structures, 1.93 m. square and 4.20 m. high, with lotus-bud-                  shaped apices.

“Another place nearby that is worth your visit is Wat Lan Khuat, “The Million Bottle Temple,” a contemporary Buddhist temple in Sisaket province near the Cambodian border. Built by monks, the temple is made of over 1.5 million empty, recycled, glass, beer bottles that the Buddhist monks began collecting in 1984. It is probably the most eco-friendly Buddhist temple anywhere.”

Driving Directions:
288 Moo 4 (the street)
Ban Thung Yao (the village)
La Lai (the district)
Kantharalak (the county)
Si Sa Ket (the province), Thailand 33110
Mobile (English language): Edward Carter - 087-103-9916
Mobile (Thai language): Tan Sitthiphan – 087-050-6661
(Emergency email: Tan Sitthiphan –

The exact location of Somtum Inter - Garden Cottage and Restaurant is:
Latitude: 14.5077450 or 14 degrees, 30 min., 27.88 sec. North.
Longitude: 104.5782709 or 104 degrees, 34 min., 41.78 sec. East.

Take route 2178 out of Ubon Ratchathani, after 42 km turn left onto Route 2085 and follow into Kantharalak. Turn right on the main street and go until you see the tall, white, Chedi, several blocks down on the left. Turn left before the Chedi and, when you can, turn left onto another main road which is Route 221, head south in the direction of Preah Vihern. Check your odometer, now.

At just under 5 km from Kantharalak, off a long, straight section, turn Right onto Route 2126 toward Khun Han and Ban Thung Yao (no sign). (It is approximately 16 km from this turn to Ban Thung Yao.)

Go through Mueang and Rung, and a large reservoir on both sides of the road.

At 10 km after joining 2126, you will pass a school on your left, and come up to a stop sign. Turn right onto Route 2335 (no sign) and continue about 6 km.

After a very small village, as you pass a school with large schoolyard on the left (Ban Thung Yao Kham Proi School), slow down to walking pace. You are in Ban Thung Yao. The second building on the left is Somtum Inter. (Dark-roofed one-storey building with trees in front; next to a small, white building with a fancy, Lanna roof.) You will find Khun Tan inside - 087-050-6661

Directly across the road, on the right, is the entrance to Wat Thung Yao

“Sawasdee khrap! Hello! My son, Opaul, and I are so happy to welcome you!!”


Telephone Khun Tan in Thailand - +66-87-050-6661


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Memories of Somtum Inter - Garden Cottage and Restaurant.


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[A note about Somtum. Somtum is the original style of papaya salad as prepared in Isaan. An abundance of fresh ingredients is ever-present in Thai cuisine. The most popular Thai dish that showcases fresh vegetables is som tum Thai or green papaya salad. Som tum Thai is a fantastic raw Thai salad often made of shredded unripe papaya, sliced tomatoes, raw yard-long beans, peanuts, dried mini shrimp, and fresh garlic. Sometimes there are shreds of carrots and green or purple cabbage to add a pop of color. A sweet, salty, tangy sauce made of sugar, lime juice, and fish sauce completes the dish.

Of course, Khun Tan is an expert when it comes to Somtum. He often adds Inter-national touches that makes it even more special. Thus, Somtum Inter!]


Telephone Khun Tan in Thailand - +66-87-050-6661


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Dateline: May 16, 2018; Ban Thung Yao, Isaan



Alan S. Brown, a highly respected journalist who lives most of the year in Pattaya, Thailand, lunched at Somtum Inter today. He was amazed at the quality and value of his multi-course luncheon.

Mr. Brown, and Akharaphat (Tan) Sitthiphan

Khun Tan may call it "Nice 'n Easy," but the decor, the cuisine, and especially the romantic cottage in the garden, are world-class chic, cosmopolitan, and very, very comfortable.

The journalist was staying as a houseguest in The White Elephant House, a ten-minute walk through the quaint village.